The Board

At the first member meeting 11 May 2017 in Stockholm the following board was appointed:

Leif Östling, Chairman

Elisabeth Nilsson, Vice chairman

Per-Erik Lindvall, Vice chairman

Rune Andersson

Thomas Nilsson, Executive member

Kjell Sundvall

Gunnar Liljedahl

Malin Frenning

Karl Petersen, Accountant

Staffan Sarbäck, Accountant


About the Academy

In May each year, the faculties at Luleå University of Technology nominate honorary doctors to be conferred at the annual Academic Ceremony.

In 1981, at the university’s ten year anniversary, the first four honorary doctors were nominated (all within the Faculty of Technology). In 1998 the Faculty of Philosophy nominated their first two honorary doctors. A total of 89 honorary doctors have been nominated (as of 2016) and of these seven are dual nomination from both faculties.

The experience and collective knowledge encompassed by the group, which includes persons with academic, political and cultural repute worldwide, can only be described as unique.

Most honorary doctors have a clear connection to the university and all have visited the university at least once, at their own conferment.



To form a non-profit organisation, which is detached and independent to the university, to which all appointed honorary doctors to Luleå University of Technology can apply for membership. The objective is to inform members about the university both generally and more specifically relating to community, culture as well as trade and industry. The Academy may also, either through internally formed initiatives or by request of the university, part-take in projects connected to the university. The level of activity may vary from members participating in reference groups, boards and steering committees, to establishing connections via the members’ own contacts. Members may also be offered partnership in companies that are created via the university innovation system.



The Academy shall have a board consisting of one chair person, one or two deputy chairs, one secretary, one senior fellow and 4-8 fellows. The Academy will obtain administrative support from the university or related businesses, within the areas of finance administration and information/marketing materials.

Two reoccurring events are planned each year, where members meet with the university board and other connected parties. In the spring a meet takes place in Stockholm and in the autumn in Luleå, preferably in connection to the annual Academic Ceremony. The Academy shall have a website where members are informed about the activities of the Academy as well as relevant university activities, such as seminars, participating in projects, information from the university innovation system, etcetera.

By-laws and membership

This non-profit organisation shall have by-laws to regulate membership. All honorary doctors shall be offered free membership. The by-laws shall ensure an annual meeting in connection to the meeting in Stockholm where a new board, changes in the by-laws, the membership fee and the agenda are to be decided.

An interim board was established before the meeting 11 May 2017 with a chair who in turn recruited the other board members.

The interim board was appointed and is chaired by Leif Östling, Per-Erik Lindvall as Deputy Chair and Thomas Nilsson as Senior Fellow and contact person for the Academy. Further fellows will be appointed/recruited/enlisted by the chair.